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We Love To Educate You!

We learned how to do business the hard way, now it’s easier for you.

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Andreas and Juergen

Hi, Andreas and Juergen here, the Real Professional Educational Entrepreneurs Beyond Borders.

We Love to Educate You!

What is Your Passion?

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  • Your Benefit No #1

    Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey Today. From Anywhere.

  • Your Benefit No #2

    We use our Proven 4-Steps-to-Success and other Proven Methods that makes You able to Reach Your Goal(s)!

  • Your Benefit No #3

    Use a proven and selected Coaching and 24/7-Support Team. We all know what we are talking about. Today AND in the Future.

Entrepreneuship doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need the right mindset and the right teacher to show you the smart, proven ways to do business. From Anywhere.

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PRODUCTS | Tools and Solutions for Internet Marketers and Affiliates:

“Easy Software Imperium”: Get Your Own Branded Software Shop … starting in Minutes.

  • 36 PLR Software Products included.
  • Sales Pages and Your Branding included.
  • Reseller Rights.
  • Download Product.

This product is in German. However you can edit each page into your language.

Recommended for:
e-Shop Beginners, Affiliate Newcomers, Online Business Starters.

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Get Instant Access To This Powerful Collection Of The

Get 1000+ Fresh High Quality Photos, No Background People Images, Video Footages, Video Assets And Audio Files for Your Blog Posts, Videos, Social Media Sites, Ebooks and More To Gain More Engagement from Your Prospects and Customers.

Developer License for Your Own & Client Projects.

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EDUCATION | Business Education Workshops, Trainings and Live Events

The Easiest Way to Assess & Develop Soft Skills

AJ SOFT SKILLS SIMULATOR is a simulation-based assessment that measures the key soft skills employers look for in job candidates while providing the critical feedback needed for individual development.

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L I V E   B U S I N E S S   E V E N T

We Invite You To This Workshop!

The IM Freedom Workshop is a free live internet marketing workshop designed to show you how to build and grow a sustainable and profitable online business in your spare time.

At this workshop you will:

  • Discover the revolutionary “system” that has paid out over $70 million in commissions to people in 38 countries around the world.
  • Find out how to gain financial freedom through the power of this System… even if you have NO computer skills and have NEVER made a single sale online before.
  • Learn how you can make BIG commissions just for bringing in leads (We take care of everything else FOR YOU!)
  • Get the System ABSOLUTELY FREE if you show up!

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