AJ SOFT SKILLS SIMULATOR a simulation-based assessment tool that measures the key soft-skills people need to be successful and includes an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to improve those skills, providing the critical feedback needed for individual development.


AJ SOFT SKILLS SIMULATOR that’s online, self-directed, and takes less than 60 minutes to complete.

AJ SOFT SKILLS SIMULATOR ideal for students, employees, managers, business owners, entrepreneurs  looking for career success in today’s business world.

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Ensure Future Success for Your Students

Surveys of corporate recruiters consistently show there is a strong desire in employers for skills such as leadership, problem solving, initiative, and communication.

However, these very same skills are rare and underdeveloped in college graduates today.

AJ Soft Skills Simulator bridges the gap to ensure future career success in our students.

The AJ Soft Skills Simulator Experience

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Dr. Erich Dierdorff provides the very first showcase and discusses the various ways it can be used. Click HERE for the webinar.

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